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Hi! new grower looking for all the help I can get


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I am disabled veteran looking for a way to get off pain meds. I smoked back in the 70's but not the stuff now. I have a little tent setup and my first try is making seeds with CS. I used a GG#4 autoflower and used LST.Am using 2 bloom Plus 1000W LED,s. And growing in fox farm ocean forest and small plastic pot.At first only PHd water at 6.7 the added the fox farm trio using their schedule but cutting amount in half. I have read so many journals but am still not sure if I am doing things right. I am now starting 2 new plants in 5 gallon cloth pots. They are a GG#4 and a Candy Kush Autoflower which are now 3 days out of soil. Here are pics of each PLEASE let me know if I am doing something wrong so I can get the best results and sticky buds. Thanks and Happy Weed makes Happy People.

pollen sacks day 53.jpg

mary day2.jpg

terry day2.jpg


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Hey Goner, welcome! Good to see another grower from the day! We're using it to keep off them as long as possible. I hope you are able to do what you want! For me it's high thc and some cbd. And edibles work better on my body than smoked/vaped. Helps for sleep too. TYFYS:love:

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Plants are looking great, well done! The largest one on top looks very dark green, not sure if that's just genetics or if she is getting a little too much nitrogen for this stage of flower

I'm a big fan of LST as well, definitely an easy way to maximise your plants! @InTheShed has some really good detailed threads/pics if you are looking for more on that!

There's also a really interesting big thread on "Quadlining" , another very successful training technique (although this requires a bit of pruning and topping, which is more suited to growing photoperiod plants, not autos!)
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