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Hi there fellow cannabesians :)

indica vet

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hey guys ,
im an avid pot grower/smoker from australia.
been around the block a few times regarding this particular plant :thumb:
been a professional grower until the littlies came along .
now all just hobby :)
got a small scale cfl stealth set up i just started with some bag seed(was nice grown outside last season)
plus just got my northern lights,blueberry and master kush strains just arrived for future grows :)
just want to say that this web site is by far now my fave :)
happy gardens to you all :thumb:


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Hi indica vet, great to have you with us here on :420: the best site for promoting cannabis awareness and cannabis de-prohibition worldwide! :welcome:

We're glad to have a comrade of your experience join us, I'm looking forward to seeing your grows in action :)

There are some helpful links for navigating the site in New Member Start Links and, of course, if you have any questions FAQs is the place to start asking.

Happy gardens to you too! :Namaste:

indica vet

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yeah my little cfl grow has just blown me away 4th week of flower now and couldnt be happier.
will try and get some pics up later showing early veg up to now :)

devils letuce

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were u been vet ?

devils letuce

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ive noticed ..glad to see all is well and your just busy like the rest of us !
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