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Hi there from N.E.


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Welcome, @Guerillaguru . Start a grow journal and you'll be flooded with advice/help.


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I've done a crop outdoors for last 15 years. But this is my first one with autoflower too. So any tips with these would be appreciated. Thanks I wish I found this site sooner very informative and can't reading it
:welcome: to :420:Guerilla:48:...never done autos before but gona try soon as I have some in my next order:thumb: :peace: :goodluck:


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Welcome G, your experience will be appreciated here. I grow autos sometimes and there's a link in my signature below describing their lifeline. It's a guideline and might need a little updating due to autos changing grow times but I think the meat and potatoes are there. Good luck. Tag me in like this @stoneotter so I can come watch.
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