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Girls and dudes,
I hate to say it but I want to vent a bit. Somebody on here knows the answer to the questions. I was diagnosed with chronic PTSD and TBI. I retired from military service with 5 combat tours. I loved my job while I was doing it and for my sins I lost control of my emotions and existence. I smoked weed in the early 80’s. I quit it for 36 years and when I retired I was prescribed Marinol by my wizard. It worked as advertised, however I had to stop it for my job. I’m loaded with meds that help, but not like Marinol. I took a huge chance by taking it and yet it felt right. During that time my brother in-law (a huge pot head) invited me to partake in his summer harvest. Needless to said I stopped with the Marinol and went to smoking. I became a huge believer in weed. When I was young I smoked to get high. Now I enjoyed the pain relieving and peaceful mindedness that it provided. I was and still am an advocate for it. It’s pain relief and peace it provided my raging mind Is unmatched. I stopped it to stay safe within my job. If I could beat a piss test I would get back to it. Just throwing this out there for a subject and look forward to positive posts.
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