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Just joined and this is my first (intro) post.

About me... Retired senior citizen (66 years). I was (still am, I guess) a hippie chick from the 60's and 70's, :peace: and well remember "dime bags." Then I joined a cult and for 25+ years used no drugs/meds. Started smoking again about 15 years ago illegally (was living in the midwest at the time). After moving back to Calif., I got my medical card, which has been a lifesaver!

I've been buying from dispensaries, but they keep getting shut down by the f*cking ridiculous 'war on drugs.' Now that I'm retired, I can hardly afford to buy from dispensaries anyway, so I'm thinking of growing my own.

I'm currently interested in using oils and butters for skin issues and for ulcerative colitis. Since UC can become cancerous, I'm very, very, VERY interested in learning more about cbd's and cbn's. Seems that THC has been the operative word for a long time, but not so much info on the cbd's and cbn's. Any info anyone has would be well-received!


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Hey CassiJC, :welcome: to 420 Magazine!

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