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High All !


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I'm an old Hippie/ Deadhead, who's been Tokin' since 1967; and I still do it today! But today I do it as a medicine,as well as past time pleasure; I was
diagnosed back in 1990, and recieve veterans disability for Manic depression
with suicidal Thoughts and tendiencies;and was diagnosed with Hepatitis-c in
1999!! I was taking Welbutrin to fight the depressions, but Medical Marijuana
always seem to work better for me; in the control of my depression levels, and
I found it very helpful to relieve the symptoms and pain from the Hep-C!!
Today, if it wasn't for Medical Marijuana; my chances of staying alive would be
very low, because of the manic depressions I need to fight each day ! :bong:
But the most hardest thing to deal with at times is this fight I have with the
Hep-c; I am not able to be treated at this time for this disease, because of
the manic depression problems and how they would prevent me from using the
TX, so I rely on the MMJ to help me deal with it !! I'm 55 years old, been to
just 143 Grateful Dead concerts in the days; and now fighting each day to
stay alive !! :60:
I spend time now, listening, recording and collecting Live Grateful Dead
concerts; staying stoned as much as I can; and doing my best to stay alive !
In Montana, where I now live; they have adopted the Medical Marijuana law
for people who are suffering with diseases and illness; but even here the
DEA has been doing there best to stop sick people to get better!!
For the last several years I have been searching for a doctor to prescribe
the MMJ for me, without any success; so I can register with the State and
get my MMJ card !! I am so happy that I was able to find this site; because
I feel like I found a place I belong !!!

Love and Peace :peace:



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Re: High All !!

Welcome. We've been waitin' for ya. I also have Hep C and dreadful depression but get along okay with mmj. Stress from the fed bullies does not help. You're in the right place. Just remember "I WILL GET BY."
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