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I thought I'd give an update. Once I increased watering and added a humidifier to the room I started losing fewer leaves to the effect in the pics above. All is not lost I still have some plants that look like they're going to produce some nice bud. I never thought that I'd have to go this late to make it happen but this entire process has been a huge learning experience for me. Things should go better next year now that I understand more of what I have to work with. I started getting a purple color to some of the leaves and buds. I'm thinking of going 3-4 more weeks which might give me some Christmas bud although most would need to cure longer then that. I'll really try to get some crisper pictures from an actual camera instead of my phone before I harvest. Conditions on finishing these are not ideal since I'm only using natural sunlight through windows. I'm watering 2 out of 3 days and giving some flowering fert once per week. I'd say about 20% of the buds have mostly red hairs and 80% are still white. 3 more weeks would put me at about 11 weeks flowering. Any thoughts on this?
Should I remove the fan leaves at some point before harvesting?
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