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Hello there all 402er's!! Tom here as High Beam. I'm a stoner of some 42 years now. I'd say that makes me a qualified Pro. I've always wanted to be a professional pot smoker. I'm a puffer as I got glaucoma in my right shoulder. Green Crack or Cheese is my flavor of choice. I like reading blogs but never been that much of a participant. I like read em 'causa the info and ideas i might cull. Well I'm trying to. Weed events have always been a for sure draw for me. After attending so many weed events, I really want to be on the other side of the table with my own products. Making things I'm all good with. It's the getting them out there into fellow stoners hands that I come to you for advise. I've worked myself through the forums guidelines. Wow, rather in depth. So how might you find new smoking products. I'm a minimalist shopper myself, so not so qualified. So I turn to you.


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Re: High Beam (Tom) Here

welcome HighBeamSolar to the 420 community,
Might I suggest you take a look at our sponsors
I imagine you will find what you are looking for there.
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