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Just a quick intro of myself and my wife Char. We are both long term stoners(35 years now) who have recently begun growing our own indoors. We started growing for probably the same reasons as most folks i.e. unreliable supply, high prices and poor quality product.

We are currently on our 3rd grow after 2 great previous grows. We have become great fans of Nirvana's Aurora Indica strain. The current grow includes Aurora and this time we threw in a couple of their AK-48 for some variety.

We live in the great white north and our winter is fast approaching. It looks like our greatest hurdle will be to maintain steady temps in our grow box. I know them girls like it warm!

If there is any interest I will start a grow journal for this grow. I can also provide help and info on grow box planning and construction.

That's all I can think to say right now. It's good to be aboard and we wish our fellow stoners only the best of luck in their projects. Remember.....It's always 4:20 somewhere!


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:welcome: RiffnChar Thank you being here! A couple that grows together stays together, I'm I right? Great news you sharing a Grow Journal with 420! 420 Magazine ®. Always good to find a strain you like (Nirvana's Aurora Indica) and try to master its potential. Please look into this months voting for best of the best,...420 Contests - 420 Magazine. We are looking forward to seeing and hearing more from our New Friends...RiffnChar! C U Around. :roorrip: :peace:


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Welcome you two:surf:
We are happy to have you and your experience, your a welcome addition the collective information madness.:surf:

By all means please start a journal. That's really where we get to know each and it is sheer fun in the process.:surf:
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