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High from New York


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Fuck...What to type, what to type... Well, yeah, I'm new here and all but shit why is it so hard to think, fuck I KNOW! How about this, okay, at the present moment this is me; :439: but smoking from a pipe, soon after I should be like this; :cough: but after I'm coughing I should be pretty fucked up and all so you know what I'll most likely do afterwards? :bong: < Yut, exactly smoking a shit load more. Later I should be like this guy after all my weed intake :smokin2: saying an extended "Dude" except I don't really think flying elephants are that spectacular, if I wanted to watch that, the movie Dumbo is in a disney collection somewhere in my house.

So yeah, as of right now, I'm pretty high. I'll possibly try to rub one out :jerkit: but you know hard that shit is? Yeah, fuck that shit. I am a singer in a band, we can't make up our damn minds on a name so until then it will remain nameless. I listen to metal :metal: I'm a fuckin' headbanger :headbang: ..... Shit, I could go forever throwing out random facts about myself, but I'd rather stay a tad mysterious. Jolly Blenkins, I am fucking retarded for forgetting that damn joint at the church.

Anyway, yeah, I'm looking forward to just chilling out posting here. I smoke Dro, Firehaze, and my favorite Trainwreck. Catch you all around.

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SeXy VeXy

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^^ Sounds fun.... here's a big ol' 420times Welcome!!!

Please keep your hands and legs inside the car until the ride has come to a complete stop. Please enjoy your stay :laugh2:


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Thank you, people.

I am here chilling out, high.

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Yo welcome biatch, say hi to my beautiful NY... keep playing
and smoking and trying to jerk off ;) (good look) and finding
a cool name for your baand... hey how about "The nameless" ??
hahaha, daym am I ffuucckeed uupp.....
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