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High Humidity with 2 weeks to go, Please Help


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I am having humidity problems in my grow room when the lights go out. It is 20 x 15 room. I have 3 trays of 4 x 8 with auto water system. I am doing hydroponic. I have 3 reservoirs that hold 20 gallons each. I have a 105 gallon RO reservoir. I have a 67 gallon nutrient mixer. I have a fugitsu 30,000 btu mini-split. 4 fans going 24/7, a dehumidifier with auto waste water.

I have no humidity problems when the lights are on. When the lights go off....my humidity is running 75-80%. I have upped the temperature to 74 degrees, turned off the exhaust fan, set the dehumidifier to 40%. But nothing is working. Am going to try 5 gallon bucket of Lime and some Damprid tonight. I need some suggestions please. Thanks
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