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High I'm High and New.


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:allgood: Hey fire420, welcome to the forum...yeah I want a bag of buds & a year from work too...:60: Anyway...hope you enjoy this community...I'll vap a bowl in your honor.:smoke2:


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welcome fire420, great to have you here. hopefully you will get your wish, after hanging around and reading on how to obtain that big ole bag of buds:laugh2: i have smoked a bowl in your honor:smokin3:


hahahaha my mom told me a story about when she was 18 in 1980 she traded her car in Windsor Ont. for one big black garbage bag full of weed, she then took the train out to Lake Louise and he and a few of her friends smoked the entire bag in the summer:peace: She doesn't smoke any more though, but it would be kinda sweet to share a bowl with her someday.:allgood:

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