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High outdoor temps


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just got a couple of indica fems. outside and was wondering how often i should be watering. It's been in the low 90's and humidity is about 60%. Sometimes they need water in three days and sometimes its a week. It makes adding nutes kinda tricky. I've got them in three gallon pots. They look pretty healthy and are about 3 weeks into flowering, but growth height seems to have slowed. any guidelines for hot weather or just water as needed. Maybe a stupid question but i'm getting close and don't want to blow it.

Captain Kronic

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It's a good question M8... don't downplay yourself, it's ok to be nervous around money time... meaning the most important time of the grow!

Soils drain differently, container size varies ect ect... if you can feel that the top couple inches are dry... they need a drink.

Since they are in 3 gal pots... when you do soak them, lift them and keep doing it everyday till you get a good feel for the weight of the pot while it's well watered... once you know that weight, you can pretty much judge what they need by just tipping the pot up so you can feel the weight... makes sense don't it?

You may also consider watering/feeding in the morning so they have all day to take it in and also to help keep roots from drying out or getting too hot.

W/the info provided, that is about what I have for an answer... cheers!


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Thanks... Yeah Florida weather is up and down and now we're in a pretty bad drought. some days they're dry as a bone then the next watering will last a whole week. They are starting to get red hairs and are smelling great. I'm growing Blue Venom. Thanks for the quick reply;)

Ganja Munky

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Hey guys north florida here just couple of questions. First off this its my first grow in florida and was just wondering wen I should change my nutes over from veg to flower? She just started to show pre-flowers but I'm not sure if she's actually ready to flower because the days aren't actually 12/12 any info would be great!


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im north of you and also have high temps, and humidity big time.
had mine outside since may 2nd, and they are also starting to show hairs. like as of this week. got mine in gal 5 buckets. kandy kush a cross betweem OG kush, and Trainwreck from primivada reserva. i know the rain messess up the nute schedule. but i would make sure all soil is hydrated but not over watered. soil meter and ph run off will tell you everything.
i collect rainwater and its 5.2 ph here so i add lime to correct my ph.
if your plants are green and look healthy dont worry. usually theyll tell you.
i use organic B from AN for stressful times also. that's why i put them in buckets. so i could remove from rain fall. instead of in the ground.:nicethread:
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