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High percentage P/K solutions?


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Is there any nutrients out there that have a high P & K?

I'm currently using Place in Green Sensation which is 0-9-10 but I'm planning on adding either BioBizz Bloom which is (2-7-4) or BioBizz Grow which is (4-3-6).

My plan for my next bloom run is to run similar to this:

BioBizz Bio Grow/Bloom Week 1-2 = 750PPM
BioBizz BioGrow/Bloom Week 3-4 = 850PPM
BioBizz BioGrow/Bloom Plagron Green Sensation Week 5-7 = 1000 PPM
Week 8-9 plain water.

I'm running a 600w hps light but may be adding another 4-600w hps depending on what the bud sites look at week 3-4.

I'm running soil, 20L pots, 9 plants in a 4x4, 600w hps in a cool hood.

I am also interested in oil and sweetener additives to help with Richmond and oil production, I was looking at buying Terpinator again but I'm open to opinions.


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Hello @kentboy1296 i may try that Kool Bloom from week 4-5, I wonder how many people have used it.
I actually have the dry koolbloom that i will be trying on the last 2 weeks, been running liquid koolbloom from start of flower and seems like it definitely makes fatter buds


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Dry kool bloom works great, my friends and I use it for about 4-5 weeks, the first 3 weeks is very small introduction to the plant. 1/4 strength, and slowly step it up to the recommended 2 week schedule. The flush 10 days minimum. That with the flora series. Think I'm going to try the mega crop line next. Less bs and seen some super results with it as well
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