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High PH Soil Runoff


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Strain: Royal Queen OG KUSH
Sativa: 25% Indica: 75%
6 Plants
Flowering 41 days since flip
Patio Plus Amended
5 gallon pots
2x 1000 Double Ended HPS barebulb 1x 144x3w Reflector LED 1x Mars II 900w
68-78 Degrees
50%-60% RH
No Pests
Watering every other day
Jungle Juice Micro, Maxi Bloom, Seaweed Extract, Cal-Mag Plus 1000PPM
11ft x 8ft

I think I have a ph lockout problem but not sure of what. I'm feeding at 6.5 ph and the run off is 7.2. Started to notice the edges of leaves are dried and curled up. I've flushed this entire week with 6.0 but ph runoff is still high. I'm running a new probe with my bluelab guardian so I know I'm getting accurate readings.. Im fairly certain its not nute burn since the runoff is low ppm. Towards the bottom right of the photo.



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I've calibrated my pens and the run off is still high. 6.5 in 7.0-7.2 out depending on plant. I've flushed heavily. Perhaps the soil is buffering the water. Im continuing feeding tonight. Not a single amber so I'm not final flushing yet. Im perplexed
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