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High-Rise Housing Project

Jim Finnel

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A POTTY building firm has constructed a cottage out of CANNABIS.

The house is made out of hemp grass, which is mixed with a lime binder to create a form of concrete called “Hemcrete”.

Constructors Back to Earth, based in Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon, promote hemp as a carbon neutral alternative to regular building materials.

Founder Chris Brookman said: “Hemp-based concrete could reduce carbon emissions thanks to Hemcrete’s amazing capacity to absorb CO2.

“It’s non-narcotic — but it comes from the same family as cannabis.”

The Sun Online - News: High-rise housing project

The Mad Toker

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If only they did it with bud & trim. That way you get low on your stash you could smoke your house. Or if you house catches on fire your whole neighbourhood will love you forever.
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