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High School Students Gather To Discuss Legalizing Pot

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PORTLAND - Students gathered Thursday evening at Deering High School in Portland for a controversial meeting on whether pot should be legal. At first, school officials tried to block a student group from showing and discussing a film called, "Grass: The Movie".

Administrators felt it contradicted school policy, which includes a ban on drug use on school premises or at school sponsored events.

But Deering Principal Ken Kunin says administrators reviewed case and constitutional laws and concluded this is really an issue of free speech and free exchange of ideas. So Thursday night, a school sponsored group call, "The Student Revolutionary Assembly" played the movie and held a discussion afterwards.

"People engaged in marijuana in a way they normally aren't.. Engaged in the civics of issue, economics of the issue ... in issues of freedom and legality as opposed to simply enjoyment," said Senior Patrick McGorrill, who helped organize the event.

About 30 students attended and student organizers say they appreciated how school administrators handled the issue.

Source: WLBZ 2
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Contact: Kathleen Shannon, Anchor
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