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High Stress & Other Training With Defoliation: Starting Indoor, Finishing Outdoor, First Time To Buy Seed, Somewhat A Newbie Cannabis Grower


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Lol Im Just now catching my numbers on my first grow. But this isn’t to bad to manage yet. I’ll let you know how I feel in a month with the main plants in bigger beds, clones, the 5x5 soil flowering room and eventually the 3x4 hydro room.

Maybe 420 magazines will recognize me for something lol but I’m not going to enter in no contest, my contest is working my plants and they will reward me. Maybe someone else will enter me in them. But it would be nice to get some of those gifts they give out. I would opt for a set of bubble hash bags, a rosin press and 2 decent indoor flowering light set ups. That might be too much to ask for tho.


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Good morning everyone,

I just love when the girls stretch at night and are so flexible. I mean the plants but it could be considered both way lol. Here are some pics I put in a 5 gallon bucket upside down for a comparison. The 3 gallon pots their in are 10” tall.

For the one just now running in or for a reminder. Starting left to right-
5-ogk, 5-kc33, 5-blb, 5-sod, 4-nth, 4-whw, then cross in-front and swt behind

Above pic of where the buckets at

Other Side pics
Left to right now
5-ogk and 5-kc33

5-blb and 5-sod

4-nth, 4-whw, then swt in front and cross behind

This might be looking like a pretty big crop if June has vivid sun all month. Who know we will see, getting better every day and Mays not even over yet.


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Lol I went with the biggest bang for the buck and I wanted different strains. I did look at the effects it has on you and wanted them different. I don’t know how I got all mainly Indica. There wasn’t a real big spec’s to go from and what I did see, the outdoor grow would produce only a lb so I couldn’t and didn’t take the specs into consideration.


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I’ve got way too much Indica in my collection. I need to add some sativa’s, and that being said I made some gel caps from one of my Indica, berry bomb and they are so good man, two of those and OUT!


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1/2 oz flower, 1/4 cup coconut oil, coffee grinder the buds, put in jar then add oil, let soak, and cook in insta pot for 3-5 hours. Strain, and make gel caps. she be roughly 15-18 milligrams per gelly®. They take about 30 minutes to hit and I'm Oh You Tee!


Creme de la Creme Photos of the Year: 2017 - Creme de la Creme Photos: Aug, Sept, Oct & Nov 2017 - Photo of the Month: May 2018, Mar 2019
Can you do it with hash? Or sugar leaves?
I wouldnt do it with hash, thats a different concentrate.

Yes you can use flower trim, but will not br as strong.


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Here a update pics on the girls, clones and some individual top pics.

Had to space the girls out a bit they was starting to crowd one another and I took a pic on the other side, had to get a ladder.
May 14, day 69 from touching water, currently in 3 gallon pots

Profile view of me standing on the ground

I’ve been neglecting the clones again, I’ll take care of them tho.





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Yeah they are getting darker some slower than other I probably need to put a grow date on them (day 69 from touching water). I’ll do that and edit so no one gets confused. I can’t wait to get them up-Potted to their final beds. I’m going to go 5’x5’x1.5’ but not filled to the top, just 1 yard.


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They have tons of Foilage right now, I defo pretty heavy. Indoor I usually do a pre flip trim and defo about 5 days before I flip and then once they finish stretch I defo heavy and then I normally do one or two more after that but just big fans in the middle or ones that are blocking light penetration. Seems to work for me indoor. I have noticed plants seem to be able to handle a lot more outdoor.✌


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Wow, I got a lot to learn. So much info coming my way I need to write each topic down so I can search later when free time is available. Days are starting to get hectic as the end of the school year is here school parties, perfect attendance trip, AR trip, field day and last day of school party. So much to do and not enough time in a day, but my kids are number 1 and comes first. Then work and taking care of my girls. My friends ask why do you come and hang out anymore and I just say to much to do, they don’t even know what all I’m doing, just y’all do. Wish me the best for the next two weeks bc it should and will be filled with fun, work and being tired lol.
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