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High Stress & Other Training With Defoliation: Starting Indoor, Finishing Outdoor, First Time To Buy Seed, Somewhat A Newbie Cannabis Grower


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So it’s been 4 days and the roots are already ponding at the bottom saying let me grow.


I wish it would dry up soon. So I can get soil in the beds. I guess creating a got root ball will be beneficial for later but it has me wondering what if.

Well back to then not forgotten but mis treated clones. They all go from a 2oz feeding until the sight of wilting starts then I repeat the process. I even still have some in pellets that are still doing fine, I did up pot some in cups but others I haven’t. Once I get soil I will kick off the indoor as well. I’ve been neglecting to post pics and updates for that as well due to other priorities.


Well to finishin the post of here is a early morning pic of the girls right after a nice feeding while getting eat alive by Miskitos lol. The pics don’t do justice and from the different angles, with me moving them is hard to compare without seeing them everyday. But you can definitively see the growth.



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I’m wishing things would of went differently and the intensity to start next outdoor grow is at an all time high and we just now getting half way mark. Everything will be fine this year just take it as it comes and be happy for my first harvest, even if I don’t hit my goal. For anyone new that didn’t read it previously it’s 210lbs. Here’s some stock pics and I’m contemplating post individual top pics, pics don’t do justice and can’t really compare size with close ups.



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Thanks @EastCoastGhost

Pics taking in the middle of the day so sorry for the direct light effect, it was cloudy most of the day just got lucky on a few girls to come out. Have some small grasshoppers that have been sticking around so enjoy some of the holes in the leafs lol. Only had to pull of one more caterpillar. I’m starting to like spiders more and more as this season continues. Just wish they was resting in their final beds, it’s driving me nuts and chances of rain tonight. Hopefully everything works out for the best. Who knows I’m just a newbie learning. Hope y’all enjoy.

Again I appreciate any comments, tip or tricks to help me along my way. Thanks again for stopping by.


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Your off to a great start and you still have a nice chance of pulling off a huge harvest. Once they get in their final bed you will be on cruise control then. The hard part will be putting trellis up or some kind of fencing to help support everything but I’m sure you will figure it out and your gonna gain a lot of knowledge this grow to apply to your next grow✌


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Yeah, I’m going to make the main support is all attached to the beds but I will just have to see how the growth goes to when I put them up. Then if they get to big I’ll just drape the scrog netting over the top, tie the bottoms to the beds and let them support themselves. Will just see as we go, I don’t plan on them getting to huge this year. Hopefully I’m wrong but I was always taught plan for the worst and hope for the best. I’ll be prepared either way, just need to the soil that’s all lol gun to head:nervous-guy:


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Well I’m officially back in veg. There are many signs that plants shows and I read that a plant will count with their leaves from 1, 3, 5, and up to 9, as like it’s starting it’s life over. It also states and which I have experienced before is the funny curved looking leaves. Maybe there are more but this are the ones I know of. But I never knew or read anything about a plant will count down with their leaves which in my opinion resembles the rewind of going into flowering. Here are some different strains cola pics.


Now let’s see how the progress will be in a week and what they will look like one they grow out. A good topping will happen here soon but enough time from them to get some distance between the internodes.


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Does anyone play music for their girls?

Well I’ve left the radio out by them and I really think they are loving the vibes.

The girls are slowly getting more height under them. I was thinking that since I made the bush faster and shorter that my girls might never reach being 7 foot before flowering bc of so many branches already formed and the energy being spread out but I guess it’s just a feeling and well have to see. You can tell the height difference from the different toppings I did from the beginning, the flowering threw some of plants off and will be hard to judge but since I have so many it will still be valuable to record. I’m still collecting data and next year will be doing other styles and letting the plant stretch more at the beginning to see the results. A lot will be happening this weekend and I can’t wait to be able to share.

Here is a crappy pic of this afternoon was going to take some pics once sun was completely hidden but didn’t get to it. You can see the shape compared to the 7 gallon containers.


Knocked out another build, man it’s humid here with some good shine, had to cover up so I didn’t get burnt from reflection.


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Maybe, I should of named this journal your going to laugh like my last journal lol, so much time has been wasted or at least I feel this way. @ Half of the girls seem to be doing fine still vegging, there’s a few that seem to flipped again idk and there are a few that has curled leaves as reveggin but packing on the buds and I’m like wtf. I’ve been reading a lot more and understand a bit more where I went wrong and how to correctly fix the problems.

This year time is my biggest set back, not having things ready soon enough or just by moving the girls out too soon, and not up potting them soon enough to reduce the girls wanting to flower.

So you can probably say a goodbye to my goal of 210lbs. But you can partially blame the weather.

Another big set back was my cousin pulled a bitch card and basically didn’t deliver on the soil, said he was behind bc of the rain and couldn’t get a truck in to get me the materials, lol my family can be dicks only if he would of said something sooner. So now waiting on an actual delivery company to deliver but it’s another waiting game bc they have to schedule you in. It’s all lovely in the summer time bc everyone seems to be just so busy.

The beds are done, bought perlite, did some shredding which you can tell by the bed pics. but broke a blade so didn’t get to finish everything but got majority done. I’m glad it was a rental and it didn’t cost me anything to fix it. Moved the girls to get more direct morning light and there final bed homes will have a good 8hrs or so of direct light a day, so watering will be a must but I will put 3” of hay on the top to help with soil temps (I already have the hay). Got the beds spread out waiting to be filled and prepped. They are 5’x5’x1.5’, they will be @250 gallon with 3” of hay on top. Btw I will just buy the fabric beds from now on lol.

There’s more but will catch up later it’s 1 o’clock and we’re putting up 3 awnings for a lady so that comes first. Y’all to y’all later.


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Well the soil will definitely be here tomorrow, so thats a positive note. Almost done with the three awnings, just tin and trim tomorrow. Transplant will be Saturday if I can get all the beds prepped fast enough. Hopefully will be done with everything at least by Sunday, that means some trees need to be trimmed / cut down so the plants can rest easy at the final location and possibly get some Lst training done. I’ll get some pics of the girls when done. A bit excited and let’s see if I can stay on track with my timeline lol probably not but fingers crossed.
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