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High Stress & Other Training With Defoliation: Starting Indoor, Finishing Outdoor, First Time To Buy Seed, Somewhat A Newbie Cannabis Grower


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They are looking really good and very healthy! Once you put them outside their gonna take off like a rocket I bet. I started some out indoor last year for my brother-in-law and once they went outside they got huge fast lol.✌


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Hello folks, I wanted to add I finally got my ph tools in April the 12 I was sitting at a 7.8 and I did a some sulfur in water mix and brought them back down to 7. Needs a little bit more more to drop but I will focus on that during waterings now. Here we go for another round of pics.

Also thanks for the comments and likes on the post so I know how y’all feel. Feed back on personal tips are very much welcomed. I do have somewhat of a future training plan and will be getting to that after the pic updates.


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Clones in pellets in the tray and dome I use to start my seeding, which I didn’t have pics of like I mentioned previously. Group pics in each tote.


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