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High temperature problem


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I have sativas which I have been growing under my T5 2 foot by 4 foot 8 bulb light in a 2 foot by 4 foot tent which is 5 feet tall I was able to keep the temperature in check for the most part but now I'm switching to flowering so I switched my light to my 600 watt hps light I have the light over 2 feet above the plants I have 2 small fans in the tent and even put a big oscillating fan in there I also have a humidifier that has a fan on it that blows colder air my light is a Vivosun with a good that I can vent I also have an inline fan I can use to cool it but I was going to use that for my carbon filter my problem is I can't keep my temperature below 90 degrees even with all the fans any ideas on what to do ? Can I switch back to the T5 bulbs for flowering with 5 plants or less ? Or what should I do ?

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1) Temp outside the tent is ____°f ?
2) Is your hood vented for air cooling?

A) Open one of the large vents on the roof of your tent.
(Assuming it's vented its prolly an 8" hole. Crank that sucker open!)
B) At the opposite end of the tent, open a FLOOR vent.
C) Take a fan & set it against the floor vent so it exhausts out. Experiment with lo/med/high fan speeds and see what works best.
This will pull air from above, through the room, and out, and will cool the room, providing the outside temp is adequate, and your fan exhausts at the necessary ft3/minute rate. Pulling air from the top of the tent, where heat rises to, is most efficient using a small floor(!!) fan. If you buy a ducting fan like a CanFan, then buy an 8" (or whatever size the tent ducting is) and PULL up through the roof vent from an open floor vent @ opposite end of tent.
In tent ventilation, PULL cold air through the tent, do not try PUSH air out, as negative pressure venting in tents doesn't sort out well.


A) Buy a fan and set up an air cooled hood. Again, PULL air from outside, through the hood/over the bulb, and exhaust to exterior.
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