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high... the dude rules!

kushed dollie

New Member
haha just made it up
yeah i just finished watching it for the millionth time

it happens
i can be a very creative person

actually no, its not a haiku :hmmmm:
it wouldnt work
i dont think

that should be in the movie
lol :3:

dont mind my randomness

just enjoy. lol


New Member
hey dollie, great to have you here. i loved your myspace, great pics, song:3:
i'm from cali myself, but i'm all the way here in maryland now. finding buds suck here. :allgood: glad to see 420 has brought you to us:smoke2:

kushed dollie

New Member
aww thank you baby :kiss:

yeah that must suck
i cant imagine living anywhere but here

hey anyone know of any good tattoo places in reno?
:4:... whoa sorry that was a really random thought

so i have a question for everyone!
whats your favorite bud?
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