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High There Wins Viewers Choice Award at 1st Cannabis Film Festival


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HIGH THERE, the nonfiction comedy film directed by and starring "gonzo" television pioneer Wayne Darwen, won the prestigious Viewers' Choice Award May 3 at the first annual Cannabis Film Festival in Humboldt County, California.

The festival took place in the town of Garberville, at the epicenter of what is known as the marijuana farming capital of the world. The award Sunday morning bestowed High There with a seal of approval from the heart of the pot subculture.

"High There really defined the festival," said executive director Stephen Quiggle. "All everyone talked about was High There, High There. People loved it."

The film's producer Burt Kearns announced at the festival that High There will be released on DVD and On Demand across North America by BRINKvision on June 23rd.

High There is a dark nonfiction comedy following Darwen in the guise of journalist-producer "Dave High," who heads to Hawaii to film a marijuana travel series, only to become lost in a fog of drugs, sex and paranoia as he uncovers a government plot to control the marijuana trade.

High There was written by Darwen and directed by Darwen and cinematographer Henry Goren (who costars as "Roland Jointz").

Darwen is a veteran tabloid journalist and television producer who was the inspiration for Robert Downey Jr.'s character in "Natural Born Killers," has been compared to Hunter S. Thompson and is credited as a godfather of both tabloid television and "gonzo producing."

High There is produced by Sam Peters International Productions Unlimited, Good Story Productions and Rat Lung Pictures.

BRINKvision is known as "the last real independent film distribution company."
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