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High Yielding Strains


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I am looking for a few high yielding strains that are available from seed. Looking for something in the 8 week veg, 10 week max flower that has the ability to produce 4 oz+ but are still potent. Can never find that type of info on the site when Im looking for seeds to select. Thanks for the advice


On a side note for this question. I've seen some seed companies indicate xxxgrms/sq meter. Anyone ever document to see if those numbers come close?


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nervanas Pure Powerplant is very very nice. Has excellent taste and smell is nice and strong piney/skunky and the bag appeal is off the chart. out of all the strains I have grown this one keeps my jars empty and my peeps giggly. Such nice hard big buds and with 8 weeks veg you will get better then 3 zips if you are any good at growin at all.


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White Label
Super Skunk
White Widow
Power Plant

DNA Genetics

Duth Passion

Th Seeds
Kushage... bananna sized buds
N.L. Blue

Green house
Lady burn 1974
Wappa... Awesome fruity Nugs!

Just a few from experience....


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Check out Dr.Greenthumb he's got some sweet strains that are potent,tasty,and high yielding their all sweet strains or Greenhouse Seeds Moby Dick or Super Critical theres just so many nowadays well good luck

Lou Weed

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Wappa... Awesome fruity Nugs!

Haha, yeah, very good strain. Inexpensive, but it's top quality, with a very good yield. And the fruit smell is intense, not like any weed I've ever come across, I had bubblegum at that time and it didn't smell as good, though it did smell amazing.
I got the seeds from Luc himself, last year at an expo, he said it was easy to grow and finishes fast. I can attest to his claims. It gave me no problems and finished before the fall set in, way before the frost.
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