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:wood: Hello every 1 from FL I,m a 56 y/o white male. ( first time i smoked i fell out of the tree house lol ). When I started it generally cost 15 dollars for what we called a lid ( or a 4fingered bag) it cost so much now but i don't smoke a lot any more. I feel it should be legalised,packaged like cigarette and sold openly the country would generate sooooooooooo much money from sales,taxes,s and other revenues. But alas the powers that be don,t want that to happen so we must all do what we can to push the legalization on marijuana. I think if you don,t like it don,t complain or gripe about or to peeps who do enjoy a puff every now and then. Alcohol is more dangerous kills more peeps than weed does but yet it,s legal. Florida is dead set against drinking and driving but yet almost every liquor store where i live has a drive thru window.....Kind of ironic ain't it......lmbo....Peace to all and have a great day.:rollit:
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Hello mudbug1969,:welcome: to the 420Mag Family! We are here to spread Cannabis Awareness and Information across the globe. Glad you decided to drop an say hello and :thanks: for the kind words. I will provide some terrific links to Our Legal Medical Marijuana Gardens that will blow your mind. If there is anything we can assist you with just say the word. Have a great and safe time, see you on the boards.
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Hi Mindbug69

I am 65 and my wife is 58. We have smoked separately and together for most of our lives and love it to this day. I cannot agree more - we never drink nor do other substances. Just MJ. If you google Scientific American and our favor past time name, you will find several articles that support its effectivity against mental degeneration caused by aging. That is real science. In these days of tight budgets, a objective assessment of the cost-benefit ratio for continued enforcement of laws against a plant is just not there. We could free up jail space for real criminals and law enforcement resources for real crime investigation.

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Lid - boy does that bring back memories of being in CA in the Navy during the 70's. The east coast was sold in ounces. Overseas the best price was in Korea $5.00 or 2000 Won for a bag (the big brown shopping bags you got at the grocery store). Not the best quality there but hell you could use the bag to roll a HUGE one. Best quality came out of Hong Kong called Thai Stick.

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Welcome to, 420Magazine. Glad to have you a board look forwards to some of your post...:thumb:

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im glad to see its not only the young welcome 2 420magazine.com this site is gr8 tony the tiger voice lmao


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lol ya man no problem this site is awsum
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