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I just finished reading "Dissecting Anti-Smokers Brains" by Michael J McFadden. I STRONGLY urge all of you to buy/obtain a copy of this book. While the focus is on ciggerette smoking, the parrallells between the current plight of tobacco smokers and pot smokers are obvious. The book is valuable for its pop-psychology analysis of the types of persons involved in anti-smoking crusades, it's disturbing horror stories of the ordeals smokers have been put through, and it's anyalsis of the underhanded tactics the anti-smokers are using. But I think most of it's value lies in the way it dispels common myths about smoking and the wealth of hard facts and statistics he provides. Until I read this book I thought second-hand smoke was dangerous. McFadden proves almost conclusively that while smoking is a health risk, second-hand smoke is NOT DANGEROUS BY ANY REASONABLE MEASURE. This book opened my eyes. His research is exhaustive, he worked for years assembling the data in this book. Poring over Surgeon General Reports and various scientific studies.
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