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HighTechRasta's 1000W China LED COCO 4x3 2in1 Tent Perpetual SCROG With BruceBanner & Bagseed


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Grow Space: 4x3x6 2in1 Tent
Lights: 1000w China LED, 2x 100w China LED
Medium: COCO in Fabric Pots
Watering: Hand Feed
Strain: Bruce Banner, 5yr Bagseed, 10yr Bagseed
Nutes: Advanced Nutrients 3 part

Welcome all! Happy to be here sharing my first grow in 25yrs. Although I'm licensed for 25 plants, I think my grow setup is going to be a common thing happening here in Canada with the new 4 plants per household legalization. I'm going to put as much info as I can in this journal, comparison and education love details, should be a good ride.

Pertinent Choice Explanations...
I chose Amazon so I could have the stuff quick, have Prime.
I chose a 2in1 tent with the intention of perpetual.
I chose COCO for it's forgiveness in the ability to make fast changes and/or corrections in feeding.
I chose Advanced Nutrients because YouTube seduced me.
I chose the China LEDs for price, knowing I might have to buy more.
I chose cheap ass Ph and TDS meters because my theory was, equipment performance is often related to the user.
I chose Fabric Pots because they are awesome!
I chose Bagseed because online seeds are Stupid expensive.

Amazon Shopping List:
$145 1000w China LED dual chip full spec w/UV+IR
$126 2x 100w China LED full spec w/UV+IR 24in Aluminum long bar style
$225 PrimeGarden 4x3x6 2in1 Grow Tent
$156 Vivosun Air Filter Kit, 4in 203cfm Fan w/speed ctrl, 4in Carbon Fltr, 8ft foil duct.
$019 Vivosun 3gal Fabric Pots, 5 pack.
$020 Gro Pro 13in Pot Elevator, 4 pack.
$020 Tanice TDS Meter
$025 7Pros PH Meter
$021 Pawfly Adjst Air Pump 2 output w/stones and hose kit
$013 V-story Assorted Syringes 25 pack 1ml-20ml w/blunt tips
$016 Vivosun 1/8in Rope Hangers, 2 pack
$016 Foil Tape
$015 Thermopro TP50 Temp Humidity Monitor
$008 Tierra Garden Soft Tie 26ft
$825 before tax, no shipping.

Local Grow Shop List: (w/Home Depot+Walmart)
AutoPilot Mech Timer w/2 outlet, 2 pack
PH +/- Kit
Propagation Dome Kit
Jiffy Peat Pellets 40 pack
Royal Gold COCO Bag
AN Micro Grow Bloom
AN SensiCal
AN SensiZyme
AN B-52
AN Voodoo Juice
Rapid Start
Super Thrive
Hand Sprayer
Solo Cups
2 5gal Buckets
2 Trays
2 ext cords, 2 sml power bars
Monthly Planner + Colored Pens
4L Distilled Water, 4 Pack
Sml Binder Clips, 25 pack
$120 BlueLab PH Pen, PH 4+7, Electrode Storage, replaced 7Pros Shit tester

We'll call me IN for $1300

Catch Up:
On Feb.12 I started ordering stuff.
On Feb.15 I started germination on 5 Bruce Banner seeds that came from a know bag.
On Feb.17 2 Bruce seeds were open and put into peat pods.
On Feb.19 the 2 Bruce broke soil, added 2 more Bruce, 2 My Unknown Bagseeds, 2 Brother's Unknown Bagseeds to germination.
On Feb.20 remaining Bruce germ seeds doing nothing, Brother and My Bagseeds opened and put into peat pods.
On Feb.21 Setup Tent and grow area.
On Feb.24 Transplant 6 peat pods to Solo cups in COCO. All seeds have broke soil.
On Feb.27 Time to get head around Nute Station, Fuggin PH Pen doesn't work, end up using PH paper, Grrrr. Decide on EC method of tracking feeding, mix 1/4 strength nutes(Cal/Grow/Micro/Bloom) to be diluted to desired EC as fed during seedling, Feed at EC 300 and what I think is Ph 6.2.
On Feb.28 Seedlings appear to be doing nothing, feed at EC 350 and Ph 6.2
On Mar.1 In the am, seedlings look lighter in colour, one is twisty, one has transformed into some ramhorn looking thing. Check EC of runoff and it's at 1000. Flushed all 6 till runoff at EC 400. Go over my chosen feeding schedule and info, discover that when diluting my feed EC I did not CalMag the dilution water Grrrr. Decide to mix new feed at near full strength with extra stuff recently aquired.
On Mar.2 Feed at EC 550, runoff at EC 550, woot.
On Mar.3 New BlueLab PH Pen enters the scene! Discover my PH 6.2 is really 6.5. Now aiming for PH 6, adjust my feed to PH 5.9, feed at EC 600, by evening plants look way better.

I will be editing this, far from done, I must sleep now....


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:19::19: wassup HTR :ganjamon:...Man when I said post as much pertinent info as you can :11::11::11: I was thinking about 5 posts :19::laugh::19::laugh:...not one long one...:11::11::11: ...I read it all (didn't understand a word) and it sounds pretty good...but no pics :hmmmm: ...people around here like pics to go with the words...kinda like comic books :19::19:...sshhhh don't tell anyone...but I think people around here smoke weed and don't have very long attention spans :nerd-with-glasses: :rollit:...but hey I'm along for the ride brother :high-five:


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Yo yo yo Mocha-B...

OK, ya, so, I won't add to the original long ass post. Just make more posts, need my 50 to fly under the radar anyway.
Put some pics down for the shiny object types...


Veg side of tent, 3ft x 1ft x 6ft 2 levels.

Getting closer, notice the time lapse camera on the left, things to come...

Here are the babies, 2 Bruce, 2 My bagseed, 2 Bro's bagseed.







Flower side of tent, 3ft x 3ft x 6ft, setup is loose not complete yet...

OK then, just got some fuck-off warning about I can only attach 10 pics!
On to next post... :rolleyes:


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A tale of 2 PH Pens... (3 actually)

So, I go to use my new cheap 7Pros PH Pen from Amazon, doesn't work! From the word go, this thing thinks everything is between 1.7 and 2.5! The tap water, both 6.8 and 4.0 calib solutions, blood of the dog that bit me... all falls between 1.7 and 2.5, Grrrr. Obviously I setup the solutions and go through the calibration steps many times. I just keep getting "Errr" on the first step in the 6.8 solution. Pull the batteries to reboot it, as advised in the manual, no love.
Contact the seller, they refund the purchase and send a new one! How 'bout them apples, right...
New Pen shows up, Second verse same as the First! I'm talking identical behavior from the new one as the first.
Now head out to the somewhat local Hydro store for a new BlueLab PH Pen.
Discover that what I thought was at PH 6.1 was really 6.5. Also find out that Cultivator has the market cornered on COCO PH and I should be aiming for 5.8 :adore:


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The feeding schedule I've decided on is based on a mix of info from Coco for Cannabis website and Cultivator from here @ 420Mag.
I will be using EC measurements to track nutes going in and runoff.
PH will be tracked and adjusted with a quality BlueLab Pen.
Because I'm taking runoff samples for EC, I will also be looking at runoff PH but not really doing anything with it until I learn more about it. My current thought is I will be using it to see what my Coco is doing.
Currently using Distilled Water, cheap way to get 4L mix containers. All future mixing will be based on 4L.

Schedule goes like this:

Mix 4L of nearly full strength nutes w/additives @ Ph5.8
Mix 4L plain water with CalMag @ Ph5.8
Use CalMag water to dilute to the following ECs
Seedling - 300in - gradual up to 800in - 1000out over 1st week after first leaves Ph5.8
Early Veg - 1000in - 1300out Ph5.8 weeks 1-2 after first true leaves
Late Veg - 1100in - 1400out Ph5.8 weeks 3-4 etc.
Early Blm - 1000in - 1300out Ph6.0 weeks 1-2
Late Blm - 1200in - 1500out Ph6.0 weeks 3-6
Ripen ----- 800in - 1100out Ph6.0 weeks 7-8 etc.
Finish ----- 200in - 500out - final week - Team No Flush Slow Cure!

Current Veg Mix in 4L:

8ml AN SensiCal MagExtra
6ml AN Grow Micro Bloom
6ml AN B-52
2ml Voodoo Juice
1ml Rapid Start
1 Drop Super Thrive

I had some bumps in the road early on, as can be seen in the pics. I'm a little late on the schedule but currently feeding at EC 700, today's feed will be at 800.
Pics later today at 3pm feeding...


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Day 10 Veg...

The Kids, nestled together in they're dome tray.

Bruce Banner #1

Bruce Banner #2

Bagseed 5yr #1

Bagseed 5yr #2

Bagseed 10yr #1

Bagseed 10yr #2



Roots just starting to peek out, should I transplant now or give it a bit longer?
I need to get clear Solo cups...
Fed at EC800 today, I think they look ok for 10 days....?


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OK, kinda love'n this journal keeping thing, too bad it's fuggin crickets in here...:hmmmm:
Day 11 Veg.
Gotta say, transplanting was kinda fun.

The Kids before transplanting.

4 1gal fabric pots filled with Royal Gold Prepared Coco.
The cups are there as formers for the coming kids in same cups, you'll see.
I ran 4L of tap water with 4ml Cal/Mag through each one, Ph'd at 5.8. I know this coco is prepped but I feel better about this pre-treatment.

First contestant, former cup out, Myko put into plastic salt shaker for easy precision application.

Myko applied to hole, salt shaker was the Tits!!

First contestant's ass, looking nice and rooty.

Drop, plop and prosper! What a nice fit.

Kids are back home.

Upper Deck Veg side.

Lower deck Veg side.

That was pretty easy and fun, hope things go well...


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Things looked fine today. None of the kids were praying, so I lowered the lights to 10in.
The 2 kids still in the solo cups have had their asses cut off and put back into transformed Hempy Solo cups!
This place is infectious with info!
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Day 16 Veg

Have moved the kids to the flower side of the tent, figure I'll see what's up with the big China LED.
They are 18in from the light, reading 26000lux at that height.
After some discussion around here, I've added another 1.5ml of AN Grow to my mix for the rest of veg.
The Kids in the 1gal fabric pots took 400ml each to get runoff today.
The 2 kids in the Hempy Solo Cups took 55ml across 2 feedings today.
Sorry about the picture quality, tried some adjustments in the phone app...






Feeding at 1050ec, Ph5.8.


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Day 21 Veg (wee hours post)

Well, a lot has happened, a lot has changed...


Upgraded the Nute Station. This rack much better suits my needs and the space.


Added new Auto Watering Pump, cheapy from Amazon, the unit is not too bad for the money. It's USB powered and has 4xAA Battery backup! It comes with a clip on the bottom to mount it to the top of the bucket rim. But after 2 days I just couldn't live knowing water was spraying on the bottom of it from the airation, there's a battery cover and the USB plug right on the bottom there, so I moved it to it's own little shelf to the side. I intend to upgrade soon to real timer and submersible pump with return loop and valves to regulate precisely. Aiming to get longer slower waterings. When that happens I'll move this to the Veg side of the tent.
Currently watering/fertigating every 4hrs, 200ml each per event. EC is at 1400 right now, aiming for and bringing it down to 1000-1100. Need to get a grip with my nute mix with my tap water being at EC480. Thinking about rig'n up some sort of Brita system wich I know will get it down to 300. More room for nutes, less unknown township water goodies!
When I mixed for the new reservoir, I started with my new GroTek Silicate, went light with 1ml/L and let it sit for an hour as advised. I now have this sediment/suspended stuff in the water at the end of mixing everything. I feel it is the Silicate??
I also feel the new crazy Ph swinging up is from the Silicate too??
Resting stuff...

Stirred stuff...What is it!

Yup... I'm gonna make you go through all this stuff before you get to see the kids.. :)

Got a Vicks Vapor steam humidifier, it works too good and I need to get a timer to cycle it.

Holds 5.7L/1.5Gal, runs for 24hrs, auto off, very dull green glowing light on the top.
I was looking at the little heat cup at the top for putting Vicks in and thought, could those looking to use Neem Oil put it in there and get any results in diffusion for the whole tent? But then, I remember seeing actual "oil diffusers" for sale next to the humidifiers, could that be used to get a whole tent neem oil treatment? Hmmm...

OK, on to the Kids... they're getting restless...


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Day 21 Veg


10yr Bagseed-1 in a Hempy Solo cup


10yr Bagseed-2 in Hempy Solo cup, this is the ram-horned looking runt from the beginning.


The new Kid on the block, Purple Nuken Bagseed! Very happy to have recently got this, doing great.


The new view in the Bloom side of tent with new drip system, notice my Solo/paper humidity flowers...


Bruce Banner Bagseed-1


Bruce banner Bagseed-2


5yr Bagseed-1, tallest of the bunch.


5yr Bagseed-2.

These last 4 are now being kept 16in from the light, doing fine I think. These 4 are vegging in the bloom side of the tent under the 1000w ChinaLED(186w@wall). They are the same age as the 2 in the Hempy Solo cups but the Hempy cup ones are much smaller, they are getting 40-60ml feed 2x a day under a 100w ChinaLED(36w@wall).
I'm using lots of CalMag but I think I'm seeing small signs I need more...?
Looking in to this adding Epsom Salt thing, gotta see how thats done properly with coco...

Oh... I topped them all last Thursday on Day18Veg.


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Jdeck, glad to have ya...
Bro, your link doesn't work... What I did...
Find your desired link, right-click copy link
Go in to your signature config, highlight "first grow in the Mitten" then on the top menu, click the chain link button and edit or insert link, paste the link you copied in the beginning that leads to your desired location...


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Have new Seeds on the way from one of our new sponsors,

Dr Seeds

Currently on the way is:
Great White Shark
Northern Lights (on backorder)

I'll be finishing off the 4 kids on the drip system. The others will be sent to off-site grows.
Going forward I will be running Dr Seeds.
Now to get my YouTube Channel back to life....
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