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HighUpNorth’s Soil Durban Grow Journal 2018


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Back to the grow journal after a little hiatus over the x-mas days. I hope everyone have had a nice holiday time.

So I chopped down the girl two days ago (Day 83 flowering) and she hangs to dry now.
I ended up flushing for about the last three weeks and gave her a dark period of approx 54 hours before harvest.

She weighed in at 480 grams/17 oz wet & trimmed (anyone know how much approx. that will be when dried?)

Harvest day pics:

2018-12-28 11.46.02.jpg
Pre trim

2018-12-28 13.02.38.jpg
Post trim

2018-12-28 13.55.55.jpg
Main colas, last to be chopped

2018-12-28 14.01.04.jpg
All laid out.
Top right. Fan leaves gone to the bin
Bottom left and middle. Sugar leaves and popcorn flowers for edibles (gone in the freezer in zip lock bags)

2018-12-28 15.20.54.jpg

2018-12-28 15.24.25.jpg2018-12-28 15.25.00.jpg2018-12-28 15.27.10.jpg
Roots. I somehow thought there would be a more massive rootball

So now I am just waiting to be able to jar those nugs and give them a good curing.


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So I've let the cut-off branches/colas hang to dry for a week now and I think I over did it :-(
Every other day or so, I checked by trying to bend some of the thinner branches to see if they would snap, but they didn't, not even today. But the flowers felt too dry, so they went into mason jars today.

I have one small RH-meter that I put into the smallest of the jars (0,75L/0,2 gal) and it sits around 45-47% (after an hour or so).

I read somewhere that adding some fresh buds might remedy the situation, so I took some of the ones I tossed in the freezer and added to all the jars. I've also added Boveda 62% packages in there.

So if dried to around 45% RH, is there any chance to get them back to perfect condition using above method and curing them properly as well?

2019-01-04 21.05.29.jpg
My three jars:
2 x 1L / 0,26 Gal
1 x 0,75L / 2 Gal

Out of the 363 grams that were hung to dry (480 G harvested, but 117 g went into the freezer) just 60 gram dry after the stems/branches were cut off.
Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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Thanks Amadeus!

All well here, thanks.

Also a big thank you to all that followed my journal and gave invaluable help, feedback and encouragement

About a smoke report, I can't give one yet actually! Reason being that my gf and I are in fertility treatment and doctors orders are 'no smoking of any kind, until a bun's in the oven' :)
I HAVE let a few friends try it out and their feedback i great taste, smooth smoke and fairly potent. I'm looking forward to trying it myself, but it will most likely be at least a few months out if not more. But I'll definitely report back when the time comes.

Also I have a few different beans lying around so will also start a new grow a some point and start a journal when that takes off.

Once again, thanks so much for all the support.
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