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HighUpNorth’s Soil Durban Grow Journal 2018


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Day 30 flowering

Today the little lady decided to show the first autumn colours, a few amber pistils here and there :)
2018-11-05 20.29.31.jpg2018-11-05 20.30.11.jpg2018-11-05 20.30.14.jpg2018-11-05 20.32.41.jpg

2018-11-05 20.31.15.jpg

Now, SensiSeeds says flowering is 50-70 days, and being at day 30 now and starting to see coloured pistils, will I be able to guestimate whether I'm looking at closer to 50 days or 70 days before harvest time?
I mean if I'm closer to 50 days I would probably have to think about flushing in about weeks time or so. Right?


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Day 48 flowering

Apologies for my absence. Have not had much time to get online last few weeks.
Until I came home tonight after a few days out of town everything had been going quite well.

However, tonight i arrived home to a heartbreaking sight.

I must have left the light too close I guess (though not really closer than what I've done before).
2018-11-22 00.34.31.jpg2018-11-22 00.34.41.jpg2018-11-22 00.35.03.jpg2018-11-22 00.35.13.jpg

My initial thought is to start cutting all brown leaves off asap. Should I?
Any other actions I need to take right away?

Advice will be much appreciated!


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Should be good to go at this point.
Thanks Penny!

When you say 'good to go' do you mean just in ok shape or close to harvest?

Today is day 50 of flowering and I fed her two days ago. After I removed brown/chrisp leaves the other day, there's been some yellowing of some leaves that I removed yesterday and also again today some leaves getting dry brown spots.
2018-11-25 00.41.17.jpg2018-11-25 00.41.26.jpg2018-11-25 00.41.32.jpg2018-11-25 00.41.57.jpg2018-11-25 00.42.05.jpg2018-11-25 00.42.15.jpg
I'm not sure If I should remove these. Is it normal at this stage of flowering to see this and nothing to worry about?

Below is some trich pics. To me they look like they are still clear, but I think it is difficult to see if some are actually cloudy. I'm trying to determine if I should consider flushing anytime soon?
2018-11-25 00.32.48.jpg2018-11-25 00.34.05.jpg2018-11-25 00.42.53.jpg2018-11-25 00.43.12.jpg

Thanks :)


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Day 52 flowering

So as mentioned yesterday the girl doesn't look healthy and below is some pics.

I've let her dry out well since last feeding and tonight she needs either a new feeding, or just water or perhaps a flush?

@Pennywise @Mr. Magoo @Dutchman1990 what would you suggest looking at the pictures?
2018-11-27 19.20.47.jpg2018-11-27 19.19.45.jpg2018-11-27 19.19.35.jpg2018-11-27 19.19.29.jpg2018-11-27 19.19.24.jpg2018-11-27 19.19.18.jpg2018-11-27 19.20.29.jpg

I've been feeding according to the BioBizz recommendations pretty strict, starting out at 1/4 strength building up and the last few weeks have been full strength. I haven't watered pure water at any time, I've fed her every time (every 3-4 days).



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Mr. Magoo

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I was thinking that as well since it’s this far into flowering. Glad to see my thinking was in the right place. Lol. What about the browning of the sugar leaves @Pennywise ? Is that anything to be concerned with? Or does it not matter so much at this point?
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