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Hindu Kush Male! When will the pollen sacs mature?


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Apologies that I dont have the time for the details and background. I will post a thread on maturation of the pollen on my Hindu Kush (HK1) with day-by-day photos of maturation of the pollen sacs. Now, I could use advice on when to expect the flowers to start to "pop"?

HK1 was 8wks old on 18/6 on blue CFL when I moved it to 12/12 on red CFL, hoping to see the pistils I had seen on CriticalCure and DurbanPoison in within a week of transplanting to 1.5G pots. HK1 was the only non-feminized in the grow. And within a week of moving to 12/12 in the flower room, HK1 showed its "balls". S***! Wait!

HK1's pollen could be used for crossing with CC1 and HK1, as well as breeding the best genome from my Sensi Seeds for dark hash. I immediately moved it out of 12/12 to my son's closet, and continued 12/12. That was about a week ago.
Attached is a typical photo taken today of sacs on the meristem. This is my first pollen collecting experience. Can anyone offer some guess on when to expect the flowers to start to "pop"?

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