Hmmm - Something's not right

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Hey guys.

Still new to the forum and the "hobby".
Posted here once and got excellent help!

I don't know what happened?
I'm sure u guys get noobs all the time and I apologize in advance.

I have a white widow that is an auto fem that I have been growing in soil for the past month or 2. Where I live, it is extremely cold right now and the location was in a garage that was uninsulated. First problem was the soil kept freezing. Im using ocean forest soil in a 5 gal bucket with holes drilled all over it like an air pot with a 600w MH. Wife was against me bringing it inside the house. So, with my hands tied and not much thinking, I ran down to the store and got a couple of things and now I'm in a 5 gal bucket DWC? I don't have a ppm or ec meter. I do have a ph pen.
It is sitting in about 4 gals of 1/4 strength nuts ph at 6.0.
I have gone against the wardens decision in order to try and save this young lady by bringing her in the house.

Please go easy on me guys as I am an all around noob but am so eager to learn! What do you think? Severe shock?


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Hmmm. Somethings not right....

What do the roots look like? Pics of the stem? And what are those pellets?
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Thanks for the reply!

The roots look like Ramen noodles. Lol. That's the closest thing I can think of that resembles them.

I actually forgot what the pellets are called but my wife calls it pellet litter? They were actual pellets when I put them in there but now they have turned into a fiber like substance. Something close to coco maybe? Not sure. All I had on hand as it was new years eve.

I believe it was you who helped me along on my first escapade! Lol. So glad you are willing to help everyone.
The freezing on the other hand is complicated. It wasn't physically freezing, but it wasn't far from it at all. Leaves were drooping quite a bit, similar to overwatering symptoms. Although when I did the transplant, she did perk up a little bit then it went down hill to where were at now.

Posting pics now. Forgot to put them in gallery.


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I'd remove those pellets. You need something inert and somewhat sterile. If those are breaking down and turning into a fiber substance I guarantee they are getting into your reservoir and adding something unknown to it.
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Anything you would suggest besides hydrotin or clay or rockwool? Pretty much everything I'm supposed to have for it I dont. I can grab some tomorrow if you think it still has a chance. There's no place open right now around me that would have it.


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Get rid of that mush. Cat litter pellets are not for growing marijuana. You're better off getting a handlful of pea gravel washing it off than that stuff.
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On it now. Although, no argument or sass intended but, there was no pellet mush in the water, and the roots have only been in this bucket for going on 3 days. Surely that's not the source of my problem? And I have also been using rhizo blast. 2 ml per gal.
That is the only supplementioned in the water right now.


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Hmmm. Somethings not right....

Start with the obvious and work on the particulars later. If you can't get the plants roots healthy and functional nothing else really matters!

That stuff is highly absorbent and full of a bunch of bad minerals. Its designed to absorb liquids, and is sitting on top of roots, designed to consume liquids....
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Good point. Horrible idea. I do have a piece of blue board. Which is a Styrofoam insulation. Would that be any better? It doesn't absorb water at all.


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Does anything on the plant look viable enough to clone? I'd do that and then shove a cutting into that styrofoam if that's your only option. Do you have marbles? Anything that's small and pebble like. Being inert and just a filler material is the key. Rockwool cubes? Idk man I'm trying to think of everything.


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Good point. Horrible idea. I do have a piece of blue board. Which is a Styrofoam insulation. Would that be any better? It doesn't absorb water at all.
If blue board was all I had to work with I would cut a circle of it to fit into the basket then cut a strip of it out to the center of it and then round out a hole at center for the stem. Then I would get rid of all that stuff in the basket and slide the stem into the blue board circle Take the part you cut out to piece in to block light.

Whatever kind of stuff is the basket is only there for supporting the plant and keeping light out of the rez.

That mush that is in there is blocking that part of the roots from getting air.

The very top of the root zone should be able to breath.

I think that plant can be saved.
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Thanks for the reply guys.

I went ahead and did what duke said as a temporary fix until I get some clay pellets after work tomorrow. I will update the post tomorrow when I get that up and going. I guess that's all I can do tonight.

Ugh! I do not have patience when they are sick! Especially from my stupidity.....

Well thank all of you guys for the advice so far! Hopefully you guys will bear with me and see where this thing goes.
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Sorry for the delay.

Ended up losing it. But. I have a fem blueberry In a big air pot in ffof and kind of redid my grow op and it seems to be loving it so far!

Even though I ended up with a tragedy, I would like to thank all of you guys for jumping to help me! Especially since it was my own fault. I realized that it was root rot. Woops. But. That's how you learn. None the less, thank you guys for all of the support.

Should be getting some clones here soon. Grow journal maybe?? I don't know if I would be able to handle all the criticism! Lol.