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Ho Ho Ho - Happy Holidays to my fellow cannabis consumers


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Hello folks. My very first post (well second, I was researching info on RSO and responded to a post) on this forum. One of my fellow cultivator's told me this forum is awesome. So here I am, been smoking for 40+ years ( a bit baked right now, but that's what I do ), cultivating for 20. Never too old to learn, never enough experience. Our grow op's are all pure organic and we are very fortunate to have made some of the best "old timers" in the industry and are proud to call them my friends. These friend's have shared their pure, authentic strains with us (my wife, brothers and most recently my youngest son [25] ) over the years, including the cookie strains, so we are very proud of our inventory of healthy, loving Mothers and our consistant menu of fresh, pure organic strains on our "menu".

I have liver cancer and cirrhosis (Stage 2 ) caused by almost 3 weeks of full blown hepatitis. I might also have a tumor on my kidney, should get a biopsy done by the end of January. I also have 2 different type of skin cancer. "Golden Years" my ass, yet another lie like the tooth fairy.

So thanks for accepting me to what appears to be an awesome forum. I have a bunch of reading to do. I'll be on the forum doing some reading and research as time and my physical condition is.

Looking forward to getting to know others and sharing and helping out when I am able.

Merry, Merry, Ho, Ho, Ho. Hoping the big jolly dude makes it down your chimney and brings you plenty of purple sticky buds

Ian Bastage

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Welcome STEELEAZMEDIC :welcome:

Have a look around & if you have any questions please ask. We have forums for growers so you can learn & teach. And we have a great Med forum to help you with your ailments.

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