Hockeybry 3.0 Bio-Canna vs General Organics


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Howdy folks... :welcome: I've decided to make a journal and put these two organic lines head to head as I've been curious for some time how the end products would compare in several categories. I will do a write up this evening describing the experiment in more detail
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I wanted compare the Bio-Canna Line and the General Organics line for some time now. Mainly, I just to see if there will be a noticeable difference in quality and yield when used at the manufacturers recommended feeding schedule.

- I am starting with two Critical Sensi Star clones taken from the same mother ( ensuring the same genetics) at the same time, topped once. I'm assuming the difference in root mass below the surface is negligible.


The Clones :) @ about 3 weeks only receiving water up to this point.

The Experimental Constants
Media: Roots Organics Original Soil
Pot: 2 gallon root pouches
Lights: Mars 144x3 reflector in Veg and Mars II 900w in flower
Environment ( Temp/RH) and Water(pH and residual PPM)

:hmmmm: Not really applicable since I'm not trying to support a notion that either one of these lines is better. So I personally don't have one, but feel free to share yours!:thumb:

There will be no control in my experiment which is typically a big no no in the scientific realm, but since I'm comparing one nute line to the other and not whether nutes in general impact growth of the plants I will be leaving out the control. Typically, I conduct experiments in triplicate so I can calculate standard deviation to strengthen my data for journal reviewers... again not doing that either haha. But I will do my best to ensure every variable is taken into consideration so I can to produce reliable data for the community.

With that being said...lets get this thing going...I'll try to put weekly updates and pics of the ladies and measurements if needed.
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Yup, all up in this one!
Thanks for the pm. I'll definitely get back to you soon!


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Howdy Folks! So its been about a week since I gave the first feeding.. not too much to report. They look exactly the same at this point.
But.... I couldnt not post some pics of some ladys I have in the garden that I am just starting to flush..its a cross I did with an Ice father and a Lemon Kush mother I call Lemon Ice...Starting so show some purple from the Chitral kush background of the mommy

these babies so so of them may be getting entered in NOTM!


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Update....The two girls are still in veg.. possible will remain there for another week or two.
These two girls are currently identical...literally wouldnt be able to tell the difference if they werent labelled


The lemon Ice is looking more fine by the day! :jawdropper:


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Gee that girls a stunner ^
With your bio canna vs g.o. are you using tap or ro water? And at what ph? Ive been interested in trying an organic grow. .i mean other than whats in my garden and im curious about the ph .. garden girls around here just get ph7 out of the tap.

Thanks boss! I use tap water and my ph is around 7-7.2 with a tds of 170 ppm. As long as the ph out of the tap is reasonable, it should be buffered by the soil and micro organisms. The only organic line I know of that needs a fair amount of ph control is earth juice.


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That Lemon Ice is looking tasty. How much farther does she have?


Thanks bob! I'm hoping to chop this weekend... She's starting to kick out some last minute pistils but it's nearly her time. Just waiting for a few more ambers :)
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