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HockeyBry's 4 Strain Mars LED Journal


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Can't wait to see the final numbers!


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what's up bry where's the update lol

Haha I know I'm slackin.... Was in Vegas week now heading out east, but I'm gonna harvest clost to everything when I get back and will taking a plethora of pics of tasty buds! Stay tuned!

Happy 4th everybody!! :high-five:


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Here are some size pics...I put the tape measure right next to the colas .....

Malawi X Haze
....these are at week 10 and have been flushed just waiting to see a few ambers to harvest...hopefully within a week or two

Cant fit my hand around these...

Lemon Kush

About a foot long on the lemon kush....these are in week 5 of flower just about to start the overdrive....


Haze has always been my all time fave ! Buds look delicious


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Looks very frosty, cant wait to see final weight and smoke report :volcano-smiley:
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