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Holes on leaves - Any ideas?


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Hi everyone- novice grower here seeing some leaf issues on one of my outdoor plants. The plant itself looks healthy, see first picture, but a few leaves have holes in them, which I assume are being caused by some sort of pest, but I don' t see anything under any of the leaves. I've cut the bad leaves off, but want to know what this might be so I can keep a close eye on the plant. Any ideas? Much appreciated.




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Hello there! Well, I've got an outdoor greenhouse that has a few pesty visitors. Usually a grasshopper or 2, but they'll eat a perfect cut out and not leave any browning. Looks like some type of residual burn. Put a few fly strip squares in your pot and it'll give you an idea of who's doing what. It's not a cure all but you won't have to stab in the dark to see which pest is hitting your bush . Happy growing my friend!

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Could be any number of little critters. My first guess is flea beetles. They do that kind of damage and jump, making them hard to spot.

I've got the exact same damage on a couple of my leaves but have yet to spot the little bugger(s) doing it.
The treatment for most of these problems is the same: spray with whatever it is you choose to use to manage insects.
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