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Holistic Herbal Healers Supports Medical Cannabis Patients of San Jose

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San Jose, CA--Holistic Herbal Healers in San Jose is lending its support to the medical cannabis patients of San Jose as they fight back against the city's attempted assault on their rights. With their campaign of defending those using medical marijuana, they have formed the Cannabis Patients Alliance. The organization will prepare a presentation for the San Jose City Planning Commission hearing on June 8th.

"In the end, the Alliance is about the rights of people to use a safe, natural, non-toxic medicine under the care of a physician, without harming anyone else and without any interference from politicians and bureaucrats," said a founding member of the CPA, a disabled veteran and community volunteer.

San Jose City is implementing regulations on the use of marijuana that limits the number of permits for dispensaries to 10 and limiting where these medical marijuana dispensaries can be located. The regulations go on further to state that permits will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis with all cannabis to be grown on site. Cannabis Patients Alliance stands against these new planned regulations as they directly infringe upon the rights of San Jose residents who use medical cannabis in full compliance with state law.

According to the Alliance, the imposition of this regulation would only create marijuana monopolies that would limit choice and lead to poor quality and limited customer service. They fear that the city will lose millions of dollars in revenue and crime rates will increase as patients will go back to buying cannabis on the streets. Holistic Herbal Healers believes that the people should be given the right to have convenient access to effective medicine such as medical marijuana. The Alliance claims that 10 permits indicated in the policy are not enough to serve the tens of thousands of medical cannabis patients of San Jose.

Cannabis patients paid more than $290,000 in the first month of measure U taxes but with this action of the city council, they are taking the patients' money away while they violate their rights. Cannabis Patients Alliance also claims that there has been no demonstrable increase in crime when medical cannabis dispensaries are operating in San Jose and the potential tax revenue would continue at a high rate if the city would allow the current dispensaries to continue operating.


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This will be the 2nd Planning Commission meeting (July 13) dealing with the San Jose ordinance. All indications point to the commission recommending 20-30 collectives, no mandatory on-site cultivation, a merit based application process, and less restrictions on zoning (city council would still have to adopt these recommendations into the ordinance). These postive changes are due to CPA's hard work and their well perpared presentation at the last meeting. Credit is also due to MC3 another coaltion who worked diligently on zoning. Also, thanks to Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition for their work on the merit based application process. Hopefully these are steps in the right direction for a dignified and reasonable ordinance.
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