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Holy anointing oil


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Someone took some recipes mentioned in a holy book and applied it to cannabis oil and they apparently LOVE the results!

Holy Anointing Oil Oral:
68% Cannabis Oil
20% Coconut oil
5% Cinnamon Leaf oil
5% Cinnamon Bark oil
2% Myrrh Gum

Holy Shit Oil Oral:
64% Cannabis oil
20% Coconut oil
6% Cinnamon candy flavoring oil
4% Cinnamon Bark oil
4% Cinnamon Leaf oil
2% Myrrh Gum

Holy Anointing Oil Topical:
47% Cannabis oil
38% Coconut oil
6% Emu, Arnica or Jojoba oil
3% Cinnamon Bark oil
3% Cinnamon Leaf oil
3% Myrrh Gum

We make these oils by adding the other ingredients to the decarboxylated cannabis oil, while the oil is above 82C/180F, and stirring until well mixed. Bottle and use as is.
Worth a try I'd say! I would probably try Grape or Pumpkin seed oil for the topical. Why? Because @SweetSue has taught me well of course! hehe


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Coconut oil is supposed to be high in healthy saturated fats and be generally helpful. But I don't remember its "smoke point temperature" offhand or anything else, really, so I cannot say whether it would be the right choice for your application.


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The OP is not about smoking, it's about oral consumption and topical :)
Yeah, I get that. But if you use heat when making your cannabis oil , it might be a good idea to know whether or not you're going to be approaching the temperature at which your oil-based / fat-containing / etc. substance will start to break down, chemically alter, and burn.

Oh, wait. I went back and looked at the text you quoted again. It appears that whoever wrote it makes their cannabis oil in a different step - and doesn't state what substance they used to make it. It would be nice to know. Is there some reason why the two substances should be different? Presumably you could use the same thing for both the original manufacture of the cannabis oil product and as filler to your product. Unless it's to thick at room temperature - which I have no way of knowing, because there's no mention of what it was.

Secret ingredient, maybe? ;)


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what substance they used to make it. It would be nice to know.
These recipes as written would be for any method that leaves you with raw oil after evaporating out whatever solvent you use for extraction, be it ISO, BHO, etc. If you use oil infusion for the extraction then you would need to compensate accordingly.
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