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Homeless until I find asylum


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Hey there, Y'all!

I'm at the end of my rope and it's not even hemp. The dog and I escaped from Alabama to get home (SoCal) and couldn't even find a place to sleep in the car toward getting help to find a home. It's not going to be easy on this itty-bitty $SSDI anyway, but LEO was really scary and the dog can't go to jail! We're camping out in the desert because it's safer, but I can't keep it up.

We're about all alone in the world and I want help. California would allow me to join a co-op and I could work for my medicine? I hate having to take all the pills! The pain only backs off with pot or these pills that are going to really mess with me.

I'm 55 and very versatile. I miss being productive but the pain won't let me punch a regular time clock. This is no joke. Please! If you know of an option, have an opportunity that will get us a little life near enough to the coast to drive fairly often, I'm praying you'll get it to me!


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Greetings and welcome to 420Magazine....:yummy:

Let us know how it go's .My prayers go out for you.

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Thanks. This feels like a last resort. Just knowing someone out there is thinking the good thoughts for us helps. Really, if you think of anything... The prayers will work. Gotta' have Faith. The plant is here to help us and I'm amazed at our audacity to think we can do better out of a chem lab! Again, thanks.
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