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Homemade co2 generators

Tarek N

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Hi, recently I put together a diy co2 generator it's a 18.6 liter jug filled with 10 liters water, 5 cups sugar, 5 teaspoon dry activated yeast. Its bubbling and smells like wine so it must be working. Just how effective is this? I just found a co2 generator sold by TNB Naturals it's a canister that costs about 40$ that last 3 weeks. Refils are 20-25$ and last the same. Has anyone tried it? Is the co2 it produces better/more? Should I stick with my homemade generator? I WANT TO KNOW


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Both the homemade type and the "gadgets" produce relatively small amounts of CO2. A few rabbits in cages in your grow room would probably be at least as productive, and give you some tasty meat. Is this a sealed-room grow? If not, it's going to leave via your exhaust fan just as quickly as it gets produced.
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