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Homemade DWC for mothers?


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Hi everyone!
Although I've already cultivated in soil, I am new to hydroponics. I have some doubts, I comment.

I will use two systems homemade DWC to keep mothers. Is this possible? I say that there will come a time when the roots completely fill the bucket. I'll have to do root pruning?

The DWC is 7 liters but only use 5L.

Sorry for my English. :Namaste:



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Nahh it wont fill the bucket. you could grow a pretty big plany in a 5g. as far as the roots, you can trim them but theres not much use other than really vegging a plant well for flower.

I saw grows where they over vegged a plant, kept trimming the tips of the roots and hacking the top big. when they flowered it grew like a beast cause the roots were so much bigger than the top.
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