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Setup - Homemade Grow
24 × 18 × 70in. ( L × W × H )
Exhaust: Yes, Exhaust Duct Fan
Air Intake: Original Intake Holes Installed
Fan: Yes, 5in. Two-speed Fan
Thermometer: Hygro Meter Thermometer
Light: 125 Watt CFL 18 × 12 × 8.5in. ( L × W × H )
Timer: Yes
Ph-Meter: No, Ordering Online


Grow - Indoor
Medium: Soil
Temperature: 73-76F
Nutes: Budding Only
Schedule: 18/6
Age: 1 Week In Soil, Germinating
Plants/Seeds: Three ( x1(1 Week) x2(Seed) x3(Seed) )
Ph: N/A
Rh: 33%
Strain: No Idea
Week 1 -
X1: 1 Week

X2: Germinating

X3: Germinating

Notes: This is my first homemade indoor grow. I have been studying how-to grow cannabis so I went and bought just about everything needed for a grow. I am one success week into one plants grow. I have other seeds germinating I will put them in soil with two days to make three plants. The lights have been on a 18/6 schedule. Hopefully i will have three successful plants growing in two - four weeks! Thanks!
Hope all is well in your world.

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