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Homemade LED grow light


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I just assembled this wannabe 261W LED grow light. It works fine, I am happy and would like to share this with you.
Costs were around 90 EUR.
2 LEDs 380-385 nm
5 LEDs UV 395-405 nm
10 LEDs purple 420-435 nm
10 LEDs Royal Blue 440-460 nm
10 LEDs blue 470-475 nm
20 LEDs red 620-630 nm
30 LEDs red 660 - 670 nm
87 3W LEDs in total
It is powered by 450W PC PSU and voltage is regulated with 6 LM338s. LEDs and voltage regulators were purchased on eBay. Because of these regulators it needs 5 PC ventilators so that it does not exceed 35 degrees C. Combined with four 23W CFLs I hope it would be enough for my grow closet.







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6 LM338 ics: 2.50 EUR (3 USD)
2 LEDs 380-385 nm: 16 EUR (20 USD)
5 LEDs UV 395-405 nm: 12 EUR (15 USD)
10 LEDs purple 420-435 nm: 12 EUR (15 USD)
10 LEDs Royal Blue 440-460 nm: 3 EUR (4 USD)
10 LEDs blue 470-475 nm: 23 EUR (29 USD)
20 LEDs red 620-630 nm: 20 EUR (26 USD)
30 LEDs red 660 - 670 nm: 25 EUR (32 USD)
The total cost was actually 113,5 EUR (145 USD) not just 90 EUR as I stated earlier. A friend of mine made the housing for free. Ventilators, heatsinks and resistors were lying around the house so they were free also.


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Awesome! And Antics is right a DIY on this would be much appreciated by many of us! It would definitely allow some of us 'eccentric' people to run some experiments of our own with specific wavelengths, light strengths, color ratios etc...

Seriously though, nice work.


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Make a new thread! I'll be putting a new one up in here for a drying box as soon as my fan gets delivered tomorrow ^.^
Gotta get some blood pumping in diy!
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