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Homogenizing CCO


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Can't the cannabis oil be left out until the mixing ratios are perfected for your specific mixing technology before doing a "real" run?
Hmm... Additives are routinely added to oil-based substances in order to change those substances' characteristics. One industry that comes to mind is the automotive lubricant industry. This tells me that, in theory at least, adding something to an oil-based substance might alter its ability to mix with a water-based substance and/or the time it effectively stays mixed.

But that's "in theory." I have no idea whether it applies in this case, whether the cannabis oil would alter the properties (of the mixture) that you are trying to end up with.

I like science and I like cannabis, so threads of this nature interest me. I'll probably remain a relatively "quiet" spectator on this one, though (the crowd cheers ;) ). It does cause me to wish I still had unrestricted nighttime access to a well-equipped lab (your tax dollars at work, lol), though. I even have to purchase my own pH down (phosphoric acid) and other chemicals now. No more, "Yeah, there's a bunch in that cabinet in the corner - go ahead and grab a gallon or two. I've been working here for 25 years and I don't think anyone has ever used any of it."
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