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Hoodwinked by MMJ doctor who recommeded me with no license to practice


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I had a lot of trouble finding any doctors in Southern Illinois who would recommend MMJ. I finally called a dispensary and they referred me to "Pied Pheifer compassionate care clinic" , who upon contacting them, said they could recommend me in one visit, $260 cash only. I knew I was going into uncharted territory ie. Illinois has the strictest MMJ program, very limited list of qualifying conditions, you must get an FBI background check, there was about another 150 bucks in fees after I saw the doctor.

A few days after I mailed in my packet to the state I heard from a IL MMJ Facebook support group that this Dr. Bodo Schneider's patients were being denied because his license had been suspended. I looked at his license status online and sure enough it was suspended at the end of July. He saw me about the 20th of September. This crook was writing recommendations as close as last week, now their phone is shut off, and the office is a ghost town. I contacted a office P.F. in chicago and they insisted that "SUSPENDED" was different than "REVOKED" and that I was Ok

I still have to call around Monday to find out for sure, but I never imagined I would have to watch out getting ripped off by a doctor. I am very sick and had my hopes up for the first time in years.

If you google his name in relation to Illinois and/or Michigan you will find numerous articles on his escapades and various arrests in the last years.
You paid to see a doctor and if he isn't certified you ought to demand your money back because his actions seem fraudulent.


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His office doesn't even have a phone at the moment, I can't find any solid details. All I can do is wait for the response letter from the state of Illinois, which most likely will be a denial because anyone can look up a physicians' license status. I saw him after his SUSPENSION. So I don't see much point in holding out hope.

I have found a legitimate mmj in IL, and I certainly need a refund because I don't have saving. It's borrow, or sell something
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