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Hopefully this will HELP!


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Hey, I am a man of 36yrs. I was born on the day of all days, 4/20/, and yes believe it or not, 4:20am,I am a new gardener, as well as new to this site. I came across this site after searching for information on what the hell I have been doing so wrong for so many years. In other words, I have finally gotten serious about gardening, and had some extra cash to invest. I had a bag of some seeds from a friend's good shit I toked, that ended up having a cup of coffee spilled on em. Causing them to germinate... Not what I intended, cause I had just quit my job, and well had no money... So I started looking into building requirements for a chamber or closet, and decided on my own designed closet. A 3'x2'x6' Self designed closet, based on what concepts and designs I found online. I, in the meantime, had those seeds sitting in just paper towels and water for almost a whole month before I was able to get to the store and get some medium. I ended up making a mixture, using Miracid/Miracle Grow's Moisture Control & African Violet Mix(which is a better phosphorous soil mixture used to better offset the Miracid). So for the next two months, the where under only a 65watt grow spot-light(bought at H.D.). I'll be damned I didn't go from some 35 seedlings to, now, just 3. Mostly intentionally due to a video I found on YOU-TUBE! Weeded(no pun intended) through the weaklings. That was about three months ago. I was able substantially build the closet, which I am still in the process of creating. I'm designing it as I learn to grow, and thus fore allowing it to be interchangeable( I will be eventually selling on E-Bay!) I have been able to buy some LED square light fixtures, added another spotlight lamp fixture, upgraded and transplanted the ladies into now, a medium I am experimenting with, consisting of Peat Moss, Coco Fibers, VERM. & Perl., some Bone & Blood meals. Miracid & Orchid Mix Nutes. Which is why I have decided to post this here. I am hoping to find some advice on how to figure out what I've done to my girls. I can't figure out if it's a fungus, some sort of shock(transplant/Nutrient) or if it's from the insect issue I've had until I did my most recent transplant.

As well as the yellowing, browning, bumps, and wilting. I've had almost all of the bottom stacks fall off, I've had those stalks show signs of, for lack of better description, black rotting of the edges of the leaves... I'm also considering the Pesticide I bought, and it being symptoms of pesticide poisoning. Or the fact that the lighting is just now getting on to a 20/4 pattern, cause some of the symptoms are that of light variable being to intense. So, if anyone has read this boring write til this point, and has any advice, give me a ring...
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Re: Hopefully this will HELP!!!

Hey Master, it looks to me like your soil may have been to hot for the plants.. You should have been able to use the MG straight out of the bag without adding anything else to it.. Water them with plain water and see what they do. Make sure you are not over watering them either, think I saw a few pics with signs of over watering....


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Re: Hopefully this will HELP!!!

Hey, thanks. I would say that I could agree with the soil being to warm. I have been confused, using a space heater to keep the closet at +70. I did however just change to an old incandescent light bulb I had laying around, to add some self creating warmth in the closet. I don't really over water, but recently read that under watering can cause the same signs. Again why I was using the space heater. I was putting the MG Miracid in the spray bottle I used. I added in the blood meal and bone meals due to some reading and liked the sound of the results they could produce. But thank you. I do agree with the heat sh*t... I am as well thinking it's suffering from a multitude of things all right at once. hehehehe


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WOW... newbie..... Hot is reference to ppm being too high... nute burn or in your case soil toxicity from either ph imbalance or extreme ppm.

put like 5 gallons of water through them... they should drain well enough to do that then do not add nutes for like 3 weeks, and let them dry out...
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