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Hoping for HPS light opinions and input


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SO I was checking out this system and cant seem to beat the price by buying the parts separately from any source:

Xtrasun 1000w HPS/MH & Xtrasun AC 6 inch [1855] - $250.00 : Pacific Coast Hydroponics, Premium Indoor Gardening Equipment

Question is, what wrong with it? Trying to keep flowering room light under $300 total plug in cost. Know that more is better but this seems pretty cheap - opinions on it? Worth the money to upgrade the bulb? Looking for quality over quantity at harvest as well if that counts.



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Looks like a pretty good price. Are you growing in a spot where heat will be an issue? If you are you might want to look at using a 600w instead.


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Well actually I guess not - seems like a good fit - will vent the light outside. I can always grab a replacement bulb worst case...


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I suppose I could fashion some extensions. Was in home depot and thought about the vent work metal that is rolled but not connected at the seam. I could flatten that out and add it on or even replace the cheapy it comes with. Kind of like the german reflective tube Ive seen floating around.. but filet it open.

Side question - anyone think it could be any cheaper than that at the THCExpo? it will be my first time going.


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That a site sponsor you live-linked to?

I just remeasured the room - 6.5 wide x 10 long x 8 high. I'm thinking it may be a bit much for the space? :hmmmm:

65 square feet? Actually, that size space would be a bit much for two 1kW HPS lights IMHO. Maybe a couple on linear light movers - or better yet, three or four 600-watt fixtures spaced to evenly cover your area.

Would make for a nice thick canopy, large harvest, and lots of work.


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I don't know didn't check - if its against the rules we can edit it out and I can just list the price generically. Didn't recall seeing it on there but that was read only once when I joined, sorry.

Its just that the its so cheap, 600's Ive seen, the cheapest, seem to go for $190 shipped so I couldn't afford even 2 of them. I definitely would love to spread that light out over the canopy just cant afford it... yet : )


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Gonna opt for 2 600's... and not from the original retailer mentioned in this thread. Dont know what the deal is but inquired about the $250 1000watt system and was told they have been out of the bulbs for weeks and I would have to upgrade the bulb for 60 more... and right over his shoulder on the bulb shelf - 6 of the bulbs that were to go with the system. My business will go elsewhere whenever possible. Too bad, they are really close to me.


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Heya bro,
I have a little more space than you (75 sq/ft.) and I opted for (2) 400w Lumatek systems (mh/hps conv) and i fabricated my own cool tubes using the bake a round method.

I also opted for (2)(one each) 4" fans to blow thru each tube.

The fans for both tubes are each on a fan speed controller and i was able to turn them down to less than half speed and they cool the tubes perfectly.
6" tubes were way too big and the ducting was going to take up far too much space in my box which is limited to 5' height.

I am making a DIY journal for the cool tubes and will post it up soon for all to see.

Using this method I have been able to drop the temps in my room by over 10 degrees after 4 hours of use.

I also have serious ventilation in and out of my box using one 6" passive vent, one 6" inline duct "booster" fan which draws air from outside the room (basically from the coolest space in the house) and one 6" inline fan that vents at the top of the box.

So all in all I will have 800 watts of HPS/MH (my choice) and peak temps during operation right at 82f.

I think 2 600w light in your small space is going to get pretty damn hot bro, so you may want to rethink that.

If you went to the THCExpo then I assume you are in SoCal which as you know gets pretty hot come late July/August.

<edit> sorry just re read your 2nd post, you have significantly more area than I do.</edit>
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