Horrible nute burn? DWC

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I think this is horrible nute burn this is two separate tanks so if anyone has any answers I would appreciate it I am pretty sure I'm only 3 and 4 weeks in on a o or 10 weeks strain and they are Krispy they fall apart about half way up the leaves and are my buds toast ? Any advice or ideas on if I am for sure right would be great . Here's some info I am running ph perfect an connoisseur a and b bloom also voodoo juice ,cal mag xtra, ryno skin , bud igniter , bud candy ,b-52, big buds, carboload, piranha, my ppms honestly scare the life out of me a little about 1700 I have already begun to flush I believe I am doing it right in dwc but this is my first run . The ph was off for a few days but with ph perfect I am told can't pay crazy attention to it but I changed it be with in the range it should be when I noticed they have been this way slowly getting worse for two weeks the burn has moved to some sugar leaves on the bud so I'm pretty worried also the smell isn't there almost like there are no terpen traits the strain is cks Cali og kush haze at least it is supposed to be also I have a problem with them being so heavy and stick they are already tiling over from they weight and I Vegas them for a long time to make there stems like branches so it's getting pretty heavy quick I am just worried I may have burned them to far or what ever is wrong has went to far . Also I have a Fungus gnat problem I am trying to fix . Please if you have time or suggestions I could use them thanks


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Re: Horrible nute burn ? Dwc

Fungus and gnat problems involve spraying and wiping your leaves.

Neut burn looks to be just part of your problem although they may have originated there. Your roots system is what has packed up, so you need to flush your soil. I'm not sure what perfect PH is. What kind of soil are you using? In any case whatever your pot holds you need to run x 3 the PH water slowly through the pots. A lot of people advise to finish the flush with 1/4 strength neuts.

Good luck.
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Re: Horrible nute burn ? Dwc

I'm in hydroponics bud sorry that's not the issue and it says ph perfect connoisseur made by AN sorry if that confused you I'm in dwc and no I haven't been spraying my leaves I am however using nematodes this week because the gnat mix hasn't worked well enough also the neem isn't effective on them they are just trying to get in threw the net pot but I sealed them today so that's over and also I have been using yellow sticky traps the whole time . Also using 2400 watt led on some and t5 panels on the rest don't have any problems with my out side soiled plants and I'm pretty sure I got this figured out but I don't know how bad the damage is and if it will harm the buds . Also if anyone has a idea about me being wrong or a fix that I haven't mentioned or know I am wrong some how I am looking to make sure I don't mess this up to me it looks like burn from ph and nutes getting to high but that's just me and like I have stated I am new to dwc . Thanks for the comment though
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Re: Horrible nute burn ? Dwc

And there fungus gnats not fungus and gnats . No fungus at this time that I am aware of I have great air circulation and well maintained environment .
1700 is way too high. Comparitavely, I run 700 - 900 ppm during bloom. Less is more. A whole lot of that 1700 is all those bud boosters and bud candy, bud igniter, big bud... A lot of people argue that there isn't a benefit with these in DWC - and I'd suggest only using 1 of them, not 4. Also, most manufacturers get you to use more nutes than you actually need - a lot of people literally cut the recommended strength in half and get better yields than full strength. There is a PK boost that is good to use in week 4 and some bloom boosters are good. But you're piling on way too much stuff and it's just choking on it all.
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It's was fine for weeks I don't get it it's odd I am thinking it's cal mag def . I Che ked ph when I got back was gone for a week it had dropped to 4.5 so I fixed it immediately and I ran strait phed ro water for a few days and it continues to get worse and a lot faster the one thing I have done that was new was I stopped cal mag the last two feedings and I always used it the whole time until that and this is when I noticed the damage and yeah i agree about the ppm i havent ever used recomended does i have no idea why its always so high my ro water starts 10 ppm or under and I only around 300 ppm from all the add inns it is coming from the a and b bloom mostly I had been running right 3/4th strength I was running half but brought it up everything really took off when I made it there and then this started it's very weird the advanced nutreants line I love the products but don't get the ppm being so high or why there were so many but thanks for the time during the flush it got worse very very fast orange spots dry dieing leaves crumbling in to falling apart I waited as long as i dared and changed it back last night right before lights out
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And roots are healthy but the small net pot caused some rope roots would fathered it didn't also stained light brown but they are strong and not slimy also very large would expect a great yield just worried about frying the bud some of the sugar leaves on the buds have the damage
Until it looks better - I'd stop all that stuff - you're giving it too much and too many things and it's choking on it. For a week, I'd go down to just water, ca/mg and 1/4 to 1/2 nutes - no more. Then if your ppm rises, add more water - nothing else.


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Black Gnats larvae do all the damage to the roots by munching on them.Flying Gnats are annoying too as they stick to the buds. A bad infestation of them will really have a bad effect on the plants.U get them in the drain holes of pots too as they don't like dry conditions coz larvae eggs would dry up and die. Hope you resolve probs regards
I keep my PH at 6.0 and don't seem to,have. Any problems I would think if the PH was higher it might help. Cut out some of the Nutes and flush them really well. [emoji18]
IMHO I would cut the ppm in half if that helps slowly add more listen to your plants they will tell you if too much nutes is being used maybe also try a Dr repair or uptake from cyco range as they help clean roots allows more micro nutes to be pulled in through the roots