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Horses warning

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This is an observation that I have made over the years. When I was younger and worked on several horse farms, I and other friends/workers would often check on the horses at all hours of the night [because they were very valuable]. We would sometimes smoke a joint as we were checking on them. A few times we would blow the smoke into the "sleeping" horses nostrils from a distance of about 2 feet. All was well over the years but just one time we found a Shetland Pony broken out in hives and shaking the next morning or thereabouts afterwards. This horse was obviously somewhat allergic and we ceased the practice of blowing smoke in their faces. (The horse was fine after a day) Most of them liked it when done with a moderate amount of smoke and not a "killer hit". It relaxed them. But I would not recommend doing it without consulting a veterinarian first. This pony was not a boarder's horse but a school horse belonging to the farm.
So... I just thought I would throw that out there for people to digest.



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Well I can honestly say I have never done that but back in the 70's a friend of mine owned a spider monkey. Nasty little animals by the way, loved to throw his poop at you and would sit there and stare at you as he master-bated like a wild man. That being said, we would blow power hits in his cage till he was completely baked, then let him out of his cage. Looking back this was not a very nice thing to do, though he did not seem to have any objections to it.
What can I say, bored teenagers!
He couldn't complain as he was totally baked :D
If no allergic reactions then it is ok for his health, i guess.

I have a dog but when we are smoking he simply leave the room. I'm not forcing him or blowing smoke at him. If he liked it he would stay in the room :)