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Hot dry climate growing - Need suggestions


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Question for experienced hot dry climate growers. I am looking for seeds to grow outdoors for next season. Looking for suggestions on seeds that do well in hot climate and tips on growing. I did okay this harvest. Only problem was some of my buds were dry and airy, i had a lot of flowers. Our temps reach 102-105 during July/August. I had a sunscreen shade put up in July. Thanks for you comments.


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Hot dry climate growing. Need suggestions.

Sponsor Royal Queen seeds lists five strains for warmer climates:
Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Warmer Climates - Royal Queen Seeds - RQS Blog

Here is an earlier thread here about the subject:
Suggested strains for hot dry climate?

What's bugging me is that I've read that sativa and indica are supposed to have evolved their distinctive morphologies to adapt and I can't remember the details. Isn't it that sativa grows tall and more open to cope with hot and humid and indica tends to be bushy to conserve water or something? For all I know I've got that wrong and it's just folktales anyway.

Eventually someone whose been growing weed out I the desert in New Mexico is bound to come by and offer an informed opinion.
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