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Hot water in a bong

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i know a lot of people have put ice cubes in bongs before. i've done it myself and it's pretty fucking cool. the smoke is nice and cold and smooth. well my friend and i decided one day what it would be like to put hot water in a bong. neither one of us have ever heard of that being done before so what the hell we gave it of whirl. and wow! it was superb! we thought that it was almost as smooth or even smoother then using ice. so if you want to try something new, try it!
Dude, that's tight. Thanks for the advice. I'll have to try that sometime.

420dentist said:
Would steam and smoke work properly? How hot are we talking, coffee hot?

Doesnt have to be too hot. Hotter than Luke-warm but not scalding hot. Its your Preference. :cool:
yeah, usually I smoke mine with the water that was in it before. no more than 3 sessions get smoked with teh same water though. then it tends to be nasty.
I dared my buddy to drink the bong water that was sitting in my bong for a month. He took a chug and his face was priceless. His eyes got all bugged out and i can tell he was gonna throw up. He ran outside and spit it all out and was gagging. Damn it was funny. Couple of my buddies think its fun to use beer in their bongs and drink it after they smoke. Nasty :eek:
The Bad Son said:
Couple of my buddies think its fun to use beer in their bongs and drink it after they smoke. Nasty :eek:

BEER IN A BONG? NAAAASTY.. i dont drink beer becuase it taste like piss, at least i THINK thats what piss tastes like, but it also looks like piss..

I'd just use sink water
knifesrcoolnstu said:
doesn't that basically put all the carcinogens that you filtered out by using the water right in your system? just wondering...
i would think that you would still be getting the cancer causing agents by smoking in the first place
i got toasted tha otha week n mi friend dared me to drank tha bong water.... i donno how it tasted or felt or ne thang cause i were fucked up but hey... it didnt kill me